Thursday, July 02, 2009

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Short term effect of reservation

Rajasthan is burning!
I could see only one reason: our own Government of India.
There seem to be no identity for an Indian. Everybody wants to be a part of SC (Supereme Caste), ST( Supereme Tribe) and OBC(Other Big Community). No point to be a general Indian.
For me this is short term effect of encouraging caste based reservation.
Long term effect: unimaginable but I fear worse is yet to come.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Global stock market crashes

Saturday, December 02, 2006


simulation by example...
Think about Run Lola Run.

Hyderabad Special.......

Everybody suggested Hyderabad is a nice city. Schazeb gave the invaluable support to go ahead, his words matter to me.
Indeed, Hyderbad is a nice city, reminds me of Meerut.
Too many two wheelers, nice food, nice people and Hindi in Hyderabadi style makes it special. Open invitation to Biryani lovers...
Office near Hussain Sagar lake gives proud feeling of working at fine place.
Work starts with distributional properties, simulation and ends with Forward pricing curve, Value at Risk. I feel I'ld be able to learn a lot, proving Schazeb right.

For me research has started again if not thesis, demanding projects......As always i feel i know nothing.

Having seen the ups and downs in life.
For this North Indian still "It is the person which matters the most"

"Experiences in Life become words of wisdom
Emotions fade away, memories remain.
People may move away however some stay in heart".

Monday, August 07, 2006


Dr. Ajay Shah and Susan Ma'am were always there when it comes to inspiration. Got one more live example of modesty, this time GURUBHAI.

Another Linux lover, another R champ, SAS vizard, Pearl, SQL .......
but list doesn't ends here, above all a finance Guy.

I sit next to him and I feel drowning in sea of knowledge.

I wonder how people manage to learn so much and most importantly not to forget the things they know. Whenever this lively character sees exclamation sign on my face I get prompt reply "Are isme kya badi baat hai, aasan to hai" and the solution to the problem. At that time I feel that things are easy to do but the life is complex.

So getting tonnes of inspiration and equal amount of inferiority complex.It is a great feeling to see myself related to these people in some way but a pressue as well to be worth of being in that group.
Devoted to my senior and Gurubhai Tirthankar.C.Patnayak (Tir) (*Same Thesis superviser*)
After two years in IGIDR I came to know how to send mails (surprising for me (mutt))

Monday, July 24, 2006

Nation Of Knowledge

As far as I know we are known as "Nation of knowledge"(relatively cheap) in present world thanks to our workforce. But even in that front also I think we will not be able to keep that tag tucked to ourselves if things continued to progress in a way that they are I dont think it will take long to loose out to other countries. The reason why i think so comes from the fact that "SCIENCE" which is the most important material for the well being of a nation is loosing its value here.
I think lack of organisations working in the field of science and relatively low compensation packages. Most of the research in India is about implementing/updating the known facts instead of looking for new facts.
Top scientists hardly think of working in India.(Dentists gets more than a Scientist I dont intend to compare services but this is just to reflect the worth of a Scientist in India). Here it looks more about reviving history instead of thinking about future. I think R&D is the foundation stone for the progress of a nation.
We deal with forecasting problems but there is no such problems for India as we are safe to say that whatever is happening in US, 10 years down the line same will be the case with in India. So no need to worry about future.
The solution to this problem which my small brain can suggest is improve the education standard at college level and give orthodox science more respect by providing incentives to those who can worship the science at Graduate and Post Graduate level not by giving them a certificate of unemployment.
Dedicated to Kavi, Imran, and Akrur who I think could have been the top scientists of the world.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Kohari's favourite movie and essence of my life.
Daud for placement again.
Uncertainty: How long the this Daud going to be